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In March 2012 students of the Technical University of Budapest and students from Vojvodina began to plan how to achieve a polarization-based 3D movie. Initially we went to libraries and museums to learn about the history of the castle. We wanted to show how did Buda Castle look like at the time when King Matthias died in 1490. To show that advanced architects, astronomers and scientists have already worked in the castle even before the discovery of America.

Based on the documentations we were not sure how did the castle look like. Thanks to Károly Magyar’s help we managed to find the best direction how to continue our work. We also relied on the following book: Gerevich László, Exploring the BudaCastle (Budapest, 1966).

At the end of summer 2012 all buildings of the former castle were modeled and we have begun texturing the buildings.

After a while our work turned to be harder. Our computers could not handle the whole model because of it’s huge size. We’ve got more spectacular pictures from the castle every day. We really liked our work!

Next we started to create characters and to animate them. We needed to work very carefully and detailed because of the 3D experience in order to provide an accurate picture of the every day life of the inhabitants of the castle.

Once everything is perfectly tearned we have rendered the whole video. We use rendering farm, because of the large size of the model. To do this on a high-performance computer would take us for about 14 years to render.

Our film is based on historical research. Because of that era did not bequeath true and accurate sources, so it was difficult to consider which description rely on. In the future we would like to come out with a renewed version every year. Please, if you have any comments, suggestions, advices write to the proposal[at] email address! Describe also the bases of your proposal. We will discuss all the proposals with professionals, and change the new version of the film accordingly.

Thank you very much for help!

3Dpast Team